Ivan Perisic: A Phenomenal Crossover from Football to Volleyball

Top 10 Instances of Ivan Perisic’s Sports Versatility: From Football to Volleyball

Perisic’s sports versatility: Unanticipated Volleyball Prodigy

Ivan Perisic, a renown footballer for Internazionale Milan and Croatia’s national team, caught the world by surprise with his shift into the volleyball world. His adeptness in varying sports dynamics, from football to volleyball, is a testament to his multifaceted ability in the athletic realm.

The Journey of Ivan Perisic: From Grass to Sand

Perisic, born in 1989, had already established himself in football. However, his attraction towards volleyball couldn’t be overlooked. He, together with Niksa Dellorco, joined the Porec Major in 2017, part of the esteemed FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour. This swap wasn’t an impromptu decision. Rather, it manifested his lifelong passion untapped alongside his flourishing football career.

Porec Major 2017: Perisic’s Inauguration in the Professional Volleyball Scene

The Porec Major was a milestone for Perisic, marking his introduction to professional volleyball. Notwithstanding the competition against seasoned athletes, his performance was commendable. His serving power and precision, coupled with his stellar defending skills, were conspicuous, though they did not advance beyond the qualifier.

Beach Volleyball: No Mere Side Interest for Ivan Perisic

Perisic’s immersion in beach volleyball epitomizes his athleticism and adaptability. While other athletes may display passing interest in secondary sports, few carry it to the stage of an internationally recognized event.

Zooming In On Ivan Perisic’s Volleyball Techniques

Perisic’s proficiency in volleyball is highlighted by his powerful serves. With a penchant for the angled serve, he fearlessly executes bold jumps before serving, bringing an unpredictable element to his play. Meanwhile, his blocking skills show precision and perfect timing.

Perisic's sports versatility

Parellels between Ivan Perisic’s Football and Volleyball Careers

Perisic showcases the potential of a smooth transition from one sport to another. The two sports might seem disparate at first, but both require teamwork, agility, spacial awareness and the ability to predict moves.

Commendable Athletic Versatility

Ivan Perisic transitioning from football to professional volleyball substantially reveals his adaptability and dedication. Few athletes can manage such a transition smoothly or approach multiple sports professionally as Perisic has.

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Perisic: Football and Volleyball Prodigy

Although we emphasize Ivan Perisic’s volleyball journey here, we cannot discount his football exploits. He garnered respect for his agile moves and decisive goals with both Internazionale Milan and the Croatian national team. Particularly, his key role in leading Croatia to the 2018 FIFA World Cup final further spotlighted his talent.


Concluding, Ivan Perisic’s transition from energetic football matches to sandy volleyball courts conveys a unique tale of passion, adaptability and exceptional talent. Actively engaging in both sports underscores his athletic excellence and versatility.





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